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Manifestation in Florida to denounce the conditions of detention of almost 2,000 undocumented minors

Hundreds of people have demonstrated in Florida to denounce the situation of the detention center called Homestead Provisional Shelter, which houses some 2,000 undocumented immigrants. The mobilization has been reinforced by the announcement by the president, Donald Trump, of the beginning of raids against immigrants this weekend.

Protesters have gathered in front of Homestead on Friday night to demand the release of juvenile offenders and to protest federal immigration policy. The protest has toured the perimeter of the detention facilities appealing to the inmates and showing electric candles: “They will look good until the kids are free!”, They have chanted.

Among the attendees, 32-year-old Kim Dietz, who has manifested herself dressed as the Statue of Liberty and who claims to have traveled from San Francisco to learn first hand the “zero ground” of the US immigration crisis.

Considers it “fundamental” that people know these facilities “for profit”. “It is very similar to what has happened other times in history, including the Holocaust,” said Dietz.

The march has been called by the Witness Homestead group with the collaboration of other migrant support organizations and they claim that there have been some 700 calls throughout the United States and abroad to denounce Trump’s policies. In addition, every day Witness Homestead calls a vigil in front of the detention center 150 days ago.

The measure announced by the Presidency to police the undocumented in ten specific cities has highlighted the panic among migrants from various parts of the country, including Miami. In addition there will be raids in New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore / Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver and New Orleans.

Tatiana Rodriguez

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