The singer-songwriter Draco Rosa starts the divorce process of Ángela Alvarado

Puerto Rican singer / songwriter Draco Rosa began the divorce process that his wife has been for decades, also Puerto Rican Ángela Alvarado, as confirmed by sources close to the artist on Monday.

The reason for the divorce of the couple was not explained while waiting for the artist to give details of the rupture of one of the most solid links in the world of music for many years.

Local media stress that Draco will rule on the breakup, although for now there are no details of when more separation data may be known.

The couple met during the recording of the movie “Salsa” in a distant 1988 when the two artists participated in the recording of the film.

The couple had two children during the relationship, Rédamo and Revel.

A little over a month ago Rosa told Efe today that she enjoyed a new gift of life after overcoming cancer with the continuity of her “Monte Sagrado” tour, collaborating with the Uruguayan group “No Te Va A Lustar” and working on a version of “Al lado del camino”, by the Argentine Fito Páez.

Rosa overcame the cancer she had been dragging since 2011, due to a lymphoma near the liver.

In December 2012, Draco announced that he was suffering from cancer, from which he was initially treated at a specialized center in California.

During his youth he participated in the Menudo youth group with the singer Ricky Martin and other music stars.

After collaborating with several bands, he launched his solo career and became a composer and producer for singers such as the aforementioned Ricky Martin and the also Puerto Rican Ednita Nazario.

The marriage remained united during the cancer illness of the Puerto Rican artist.

Rosa’s illness brought him closer to Puerto Rico, where he bought a farm in Utuado, in the interior of the island, where he dedicated himself to cultivate and started up a recording studio that he had initially established in the Californian city of Los Angeles.

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