A journalist says that Donald Trump raped her in 1995 in New York

The journalist Elizabeth Jean Carroll says that President Donald Trump raped her in 1995 in the dressing room of a well-known New York store, according to a book that will be published next month and on Friday by New York magazine.

Carroll, known for her advice column “Ask E. Jean” in Elle magazine, tells in the excerpt that she met Trump at the Bergdorf department store on 58th Street in Manhattan and that he said “Hey, you’re that lady of advice! “, to which she replied:” Hey, you are the real estate magnate! “.

After a brief talk, the now American president asked “help” to buy a gift to a “girl”, she agreed, and began a route through the department store, looking among handbags, hats, furs and lingerie.

The woman tells how Donald Trump was making comments boasting about his wealth and that he considered buying those stores and that he even called her an old woman when she said she was 52 years old – about the same age as him.

Upon reaching the lingerie section, Donald Trump urged her to try one of the pieces, before which both played and she asked him to be the one who put the garment.

When the tester door was closed, the billionaire “attacked me, pushed me against the wall, hit my head very hard, and put his mouth on my lips,” according to the woman’s story.

Carroll, in shock, acted laughing and pushing him back, but he grabbed her and pushed her back against the wall and lowered her stockings, he says.

“The next moment, still wearing his business attire, shirt, tie, suit jacket and coat, he opens it, unzips his trousers and, forcing his fingers around my intimate area, pushes his penis in half -or whole, I’m not sure – inside me, “says the journalist.

The woman managed to get away in a meeting that lasted just three minutes and in which she “does not believe” that Trump ejaculated.

The journalist also responds in advance to the questions she knows that this episode may cause: “Did I report it to the police?” No. Did I tell anyone? Yes, two intimate friends. (…) Do I have photos or Any visual evidence? The Bergdorf security cameras must have caught us at the entrance to the store. “

And why did not you report it before? “Receive death threats, have to leave my home, be fired, dragged through the mud, and join the 15 women who have come out with credible stories about how the man grabbed them, molested, despised, mistreated, sexually harassed and raped, just to see how that man turns around, denies, threatens and attacks, it never sounded funny, “he concludes.


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