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The Pelicans forget Davis, renew Gentry and think of Williamson

 Sports editorial (USA), .- The transfer of center Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers put an end to a stage of the New Orleans Pelicans, which last night began a new one with the permanence of coach Alvin Gentry in front of the team and have everything ready to select forward Zion Williamson.

As expected, the first move made by the vice president of operations of the Pelicans, David Griffin, after having achieved a great booty for the departure of Davis, no less than three young values ​​called to be stars and three first selections in the university draw , his next step was to ensure the continuity of Gentry.

The team had the option of the last year of their contract, the season of 2020-2021, and that has been the one they have insured by keeping it.
“We could not be happier to expand our relationship with Alvin (Gentry),” Griffin said in an official statement. “He is the right coach at the right time for this franchise, we share the same vision of the future for the team both on and off the field, which will allow us to create our own sporting identity.”

The Pelicans executive managed the Lakers nothing less than base Lonzo Ball, guard Josh Hart and forward Brandon Ingram, who can become an unstoppable machine in the offensive game along with guard-forward Jrue Holiday, whom the The team has already confirmed that they have him for the future project.

After the Pelicans became the center of attention last season for different reasons, especially when Davis publicly requested that he wish to be transferred to the Lakers, the image of Gentry, which gave tranquility at all times, prevented the chaos had been greater.

The Pelicans did not allow Davis to transfer to the Lakers before February 7, and then Dell Demps, the then general manager, responsible for conducting negotiations with the Lakers, was fired.

Now, the Pelicans, free of Davis, and with new values ​​to their credit, will focus all their efforts on the university draw that is going to be held next Thursday in New York, and to which they come with the rights of the first team. .

The same that will allow them to get young forward Zion Williamson, who is already compared as the future LeBron James, on which they can build the new winning team project and aspirations to the NBA title.

In addition, the Pelicans will also have the rights of the fourth team, which the Lakers gave them, and with which they could get another great university player or change it for a good veteran. (EFE)

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