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Project law approved by P.Rico marks special license for sexist violence

San Juan, .- The House of Representatives – with the vote in favor of 48 of its members present – approved a bill aimed at establishing a special license for employees with situations of domestic violence or gender.

The piece, signed by the New Progressive majority in the government, was endorsed by the Women’s Affairs Committee chaired by the House Vice President Lourdes Ramos, who filed the positive report on it.

The measure was endorsed in public hearings by several government agencies.

Among them, the Women’s Procurator, the Department of Labor, the Department of Justice, the Financial Advisory Authority and the Fiscal Agency of Puerto Rico, and the Office of Administration and Transformation of Human Resources.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Commerce Association also offered their perspective to the details.

The project creates a special leave of 15 days without pay for employees with situations of domestic or gender violence, child abuse, sexual harassment in employment, sexual assault, lewd acts or stalking in its serious form, regardless of whether or not a police complaint to address the problems they face for these causes.

It can be used once the days of vacation or sick leave have been exhausted.

In addition, it may be requested both by the direct victim, but by their relatives, who are usually their only support resources to address a situation against their physical and emotional integrity. (EFEUSA)

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