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Romeo Santos brings together Aventura in a job that he created as his own “Utopia”

The “King of the bachata” Romeo Santos brings together Aventura, the group that catapulted him, in his new work “Utopia”, in which he tried to recover “the traditional genre” with collaborations with artists that he admires, honoring the disc title.

“This production for me is a dream come true because I admire all artists, this is my utopia, it is what I imagine as the perfect world,” detailed the New York artist with Dominican ancestry at a press conference in this capital.

The album has thirteen songs of which twelve are collaborations with bachata icons of the 1990s such as Elvis Martínez or Teodoro Reyes, since Santos wanted to pay tribute to the traditional “bachatas criollas y cortvenas tradicional”.

To achieve his goal, the 37-year-old American decided to materialize an idea that had been developing for seven years: to reunite the group Aventura, active between 1993 and 2011, in one of the songs of the album, architect of his own success in the world of music.

“The guys did not know what they were recording, the guitarist came, I told him that I wanted to make a song that sounded like Aventura and with all the members, when I was already mixed and mastered I told him because he did not want the surprise to be ruined”. nuanced the artist.

As for the rest of the participants in the album, Santos explained that he tried to reunite those who inspired him to sing bachata within the most traditional, so he ruled out collaborations with other singers such as the legendary Juan Luis Guerra or Víctor Víctor, who said , they make a style more linked to pop.

“Nothing is missing or anyone on the record, it’s my perfect utopia,” he said.
On September 21, Santos will be the first Latino to give a concert at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey, which makes him feel a “great responsibility”.

In relation to the rise of Latin music he was very “happy” and added that when he sees a Latino succeed, he understands that it is also a triumph for him.

Finally, Santos claimed the beauty of his country of origin, the Dominican Republic, where recently the baseball player David Ortiz, known as “Big Papi”, was attacked.

“This reflects the situation of insecurity in the country, before what the bachatero said that” it is a sadness that perhaps for some our beautiful country is tarnished. (…) I would like there to be more precautions especially with us celebrities. “

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