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Romeo Santos faces the challenge of convening 80,000 fans at the MetLife stadium

Pressing, counts the download New York, .- The singer Romeo Santos, who has set records throughout his career and will be the first Latino to appear at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey, has now imposed the goal of convening 80,000 people in the only concert he has planned to present his new album “Utopia”.

The “King of the bachata”, which comes to perform in 2018 “Golden”, considered one of the ten most successful tours in the US. and that produced more than 42 million dollars, according to the producer Live Nation, now faces another historical concert, on September 21, when it will be presented at the MetLife.

The award-winning artist has set records throughout his career, such as when he gathered more than 94,000 people in two solo concerts at the Yankees Stadium in New York.

“It’s a very big responsibility, I have not processed it yet, but my goal is to say that it was my best presentation”, that the public perceives its evolution, said the singer-songwriter during a press conference in New York in which he spoke of concert, from his new album “Utopia”, which was released on April 5, and his new son.

He said that at this moment he is more focused on the topics he will choose for his new concert “that will fill the stadium” although he said: “I trust my romeristas”, as the followers of the singer, who was born in El Bronx, of Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother.

“Utopía” is an album that pays homage to traditional bachata, an autochthonous rhythm of the Dominican Republic, for what it considers the album “very personal” and in which it featured several pioneering stars of the genre of that country: Frank Reyes , Raulín Rodríguez, Elvis Martínez, Joe Veras or Zacarías Ferreiras and Anthony “El Mayimbe” Santos.

He also invited the duo Monchy and Alexandra, who after having separated managed to reunite them for this project, as well as their ex-partners in the successful group Aventura, which launched him to stardom and from which he separated in 2011 to launch his solo career, with those who recorded “Immortal”.

During the conference he assured that the topics for this project were ready in just seven weeks and that his biggest concern during the production was that one of his guests could not be on the album, which he did in just seven months.

Santos also said he is not afraid of the reaction of his audience after making a record in which he gets into pure bachata, a different sound than the one he has presented throughout his career, from urban bachata with “Spanglish”.

“I wanted something that could surprise the audience because almost all my productions have different genres (fused with bachata) .I understood that this production was going to impact because it goes against the grain of what is happening in the industry because nobody is a secret that the urban music is dominating, “said Santos, who looks thinner than on other occasions.

He also said he was pleased with the success that other Latinos are having in the Anglo market, singing in Spanish. “Being sung in Spanish fills me with pride,” he said.

Although he had not planned to make a tour to present his fourth album as a soloist, the reaction he saw from the public on social networks made him change his mind and after discussing it with his record company (Sony Music) they chose the MetLif, which until now is the only concert he will present.

The tickets began to be commercialized on June 7 and until now 30,000 tickets have been sold, according to LiveNation, which produces the show.

Santos also spoke of happiness for the birth this year of his second child, and said he was living this new stage in his life.

He recalled that when he had his first child “was a child having another child, still had no maturity.” “I still do not change diapers, but I’m good at other things, like singing,” he said. (EFEUSA)

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