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Lower House authorizes judicial summonses to Trump officials

 Washington, DC – The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a resolution authorizing Congressional committees to issue subpoenas to President Donald Trump’s government officials, such as attorney general William Barr or the White House ex-attorney. McGahn.

The measure, which was approved after a vote (229-191) in which Democrats and Republicans voted separately, is another step by the Liberals to get members close to Trump to testify in Congress about the findings of the report. Russian plot “prepared by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

So far, the Lower House Judiciary Committee has called on Barr and McGahn to testify and provide documents on several issues, in an effort to investigate in depth the possible obstruction of justice by Trump.

That investigation of Mueller investigated the supposed links between the electoral team of Trump and Russia to intervene in the campaign for the elections of 2016, in which the magnate was the winner.
However, the White House urged McGahn to ignore the congressional summons to appear.

Another of the committees that were authorized today to summon members of the Trump government to the courts was the Rules, whose president, the Democrat James McGovern, harshly criticized the president in his participation in the Plenary.

“We are in dark times, this Congress is being tested not by a foreign adversary, but by our own president, a president who is waging a relentless campaign of obstruction and hindrance,” said McGovern.

The resolution was authorized a day after the Trump Executive agreed to deliver to Congress new details of Mueller’s report on the possibility that the president has incurred in obstruction of justice.

The agreement was announced by the president of the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives, the Democrat Jerrold Nadler, after weeks of negotiations with the Department of Justice to obtain this information that could be key to determine if Trump tried to interfere in the investigation.

Although it is still unclear the scope of the documents on the investigation of the so-called Russian plot that the Government will deliver to the congressmen, Nadler was optimistic about it.

Who will declare this Wednesday before the Committee of Intelligence of the Senate, controlled by Republicans, is the son of Trump, Donald Trump Jr., although he will do it behind closed doors. (EFEUSA)

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