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Trump says that his “secret agreement” with Mexico will apply when he wants

The president, Donald Trump, said today that if he wants, he can bring into force his alleged secret agreement with Mexico, and thus contradicted the Mexican government’s version and his own assertion that in order to implement the pact it must first ratify it. the Congress of the neighboring country.

Before leaving the White House for Iowa, Trump approached the press and took out of his jacket a folded sheet of paper, which he waved before the journalists without showing their content.

“This is the agreement that everyone says I do not have, I’m going to let Mexico make the announcement (about its content) at the right time,” the president said.

Trump has been insisting on Sunday that the agreement that his government reached last Friday with the Mexican to stop the imposition of tariffs on imports from the neighboring country includes elements that have not yet been announced.

The Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, said on Monday that “there is no agreement of any kind that has not been disclosed” and that everything agreed was released on Friday, but Trump has continued with his version.

“This is a page of a very long and very good agreement between Mexico and the United States,” the president said.

He opined that the Mexican government does not want to make the agreement public yet because its content “would have to be submitted to (the approval of) its legislative body.”

But later, when asked if there is any circumstance that would lead him to reveal the content of the agreement, Trump responded that he could do it, and even implement the pact, “if the numbers (of undocumented immigrants arriving in the country after crossing Mexico) they do not go down much. “

“This comes into force when I want, it’s an option I have,” he said.

Trump began to assure that there was a pact still secret with Mexico after the newspaper The New York Times affirmed that some points of the agreement revealed on Friday were agreed months ago.

The agreement that was made public, the result of a week of intense negotiations in Washington, requires Mexico to increase the police presence on its border with Guatemala and allow the United States. expand to the entire border a program designed to return to Mexico asylum seekers arriving in their country.

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