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The stock market of Mexico gains 0.5% at the beginning of the session

  The Price and Quotation Index (CPI) of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) recorded a gain of 217.44 points (0.5%) on Tuesday to settle at 43,826.61 units at the beginning of the trading session.

In the first minutes some 7.52 million titles were exchanged for which 432.2 million Mexican pesos (about 22.5 million dollars) were paid.

Of the 122 companies that traded at the beginning of the session, 76 won, 40 lost and 6 remained unchanged.

The biggest advance is for the producer of non-alcoholic beverages Organization Cultiba (CULTIBA B), with 3.39%, while the most pronounced decrease for the telecommunications company AMX (AMX A) with 2%. (EFE) .-

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