Luz del Mundo rejects accusation of sexual abuse against leader detained in the US

Guadalajara, (Mexico), .- The Church The Light of the World, the largest evangelical association in Mexico, denied on Tuesday the accusations of sexual crimes against its leader, Naasón Joaquín García, detained in the United States, and assured that everything corresponds to a “attack” against that institution.

“We are sure that it is an attack on the part of some detractor before the visible growth that the institution has had,” assured David Correa, one of the members and spokesman of the congregation based in Guadalajara, western Mexico.

Garcia, 50, was arrested in California with two more people accused of 26 sex crimes, including human trafficking, child pornography and rape, while a fourth person is in search and capture.

The communication office of the congregation attributed this detention to an “attack” by some of its detractors for the growth that this church has had in recent years, which was founded in 1926 in western Mexico.

“Throughout our lives we know the trajectory of the apostle Naasón Joaquín, all his activities are public, he has traveled in four years 30 countries,” said Correa.

On May 15, in Mexico City, a musical concert was offered at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, in which a tribute was paid to Naasón Joaquín García and which the Mexican press considered to be part of a religious ceremony in the city. Greater cultural space of Mexico.

It was then unleashed a shower of criticism in social networks for violating the secular state of the cultural venue and the National Institute of Fine Arts refused to have violated the legislation that regulates the use of the Palace.

The spokespersons of the Luz del Mundo Church told Efe that, although the arrest of their leader may be related to the controversy last May for using the Palacio de Bellas Artes as the setting for a tribute to García, “there have been people who have sought to discredit the activities of the church. “

Luz del Mundo Church, a religious institution based in the Mexican city of Guadalajara and with a presence in almost 60 countries, was founded in 1926 by Aarón Joaquín González, father of the current leader. EFE

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