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Police who shot unarmed therapist in Florida will go to trial again

 Miami, .- The agent of the Police of North Miami (Florida) Jonathan Aledda, accused of attempted murder and culpable negligence for shooting in 2016 an African-American therapist who was unarmed, will go to trial again after rejecting a plea agreement , local media reported Monday.

According to the Local 10 channel, having accepted the treatment proposed by the state of Florida to plead guilty to a misdemeanor for negligence, Aledda would have served one year of probation.

The incident occurred on July 18, 2016 when Aledda, agent of the SWAT group of the North Miami Police, shot the therapist Charles Kinsey, who was lying on a street with his hands up next to the patient under his care, Arnaldo Ríos, who suffers from autism.

Aledda was sued by Kinsey in federal court for excessive use of force and making an illegal detention, as well as for violation of civil rights.

In the images that were then transmitted by local television, Kinsey was seen lying on the ground and holding his hands up, to show that he was unarmed, next to the young autistic Arnaldo Ríos, 26, who had a toy truck in the hands.

Kinsey, who wanted to protect his patient in this way, was hit in the thigh of one leg by gunshots, even though at all times he asked the police around them not to open fire.

In March 2019, Aledda was acquitted in a court in Miami-Dade (USA) of one of the charges he faced for shooting the therapist, but he will still have to face another one for culpable negligence and two for attempted homicide.

After months of investigating the incident, prosecutors concluded that the shooting of Aledda was not justified, among other reasons because the agents had been informed by radiotelephone that Ríos did not carry any weapons and the officers, located about six meters away, were not They feared for their lives.

The case of Kinsey had great repercussion in the United States at moments in which there were numerous protests by the police violence of racial dye in the country.EFE

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