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Del Castillo, Souza and other Mexican actresses launch a project for migrants

 Los Angeles (USA), .- The Mexican actresses of the group “Los Angeles in Mexico”, of which Kate del Castillo and Karla Souza are part, presented on Monday an initiative to help immigrant families who struggle to stay together.

The measure called, “Immigration Nexus”, gathers a series of resources on a single web page (https://www.immigrationnexus.org/) where immigrants can connect with organizations that can give them guidance on how to present their processes, among other aids

“There is a lot of disorganization on the border and what we want is to unify all efforts and serve as a bridge,” said Efe Souza, known for her role in the series “How to Get Away with Murder”, during the launch of the initiative in Los Angels

The actress said her goal is to unite the community as it happened two years ago when “Los Angeles in Mexico” emerged.
Souza, del Castillo, actresses Ana de la Reguera, Esmeralda Pimentel and producer Olga Segura, all Mexicans based in Los Angeles, launched in 2017 “Los Angeles in Mexico” to raise funds for those affected by the earthquake that affected that year. several states of Mexico, leaving more than 350 dead, hundreds of injured and millions in economic losses.

Segura explained to Efe on Monday that after fulfilling the initial objective and delivering homes built with donations in San Miguel Tecuanipa (Puebla), the group continued to raise funds and decided to focus on the cause of the migrants.

“We are also giving a hand to organizations that have been trying for years to get people to know their services and that need a platform like this,” Segura said.

Souza stressed that “Immigration Nexus” includes “exclusively” community efforts, as well as non-profit programs and projects. “This is to help, not a platform for someone to want to do business,” he said.

Organizations such as Border Network for Human Rights, La Placita / Our Lady Queen of Angels Church, Migrant Rights Center, California Immigrant Policy Center, Border Angels, Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services, Inc. and National Mexican Brotherhood are part of the project.

The director of the California Immigrant Policy Center, Whelma Cabanawan, stressed that the project promoted by the five Mexican women arrives at a politically important moment, “where it is necessary that all efforts be brought together, and that well-known faces support this cause”.

Kate del Castillo and Ana de la Reguera did not participate this Monday in the presentation for work reasons, but according to the coordinator of the group, Claudia Pinto, they are as committed as they were two years ago. (EFE)

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