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Group places first stretch of private border fence in New Mexico

 Tucson (AZ), .- The group “We Build the Wall” announced today through social networks that this weekend raised in Sunland Park, New Mexico, near El Paso, Texas, the first segment of a border fence financed with private funds.

The fence, made with assembled metal bars, was erected on private land this weekend in an area of ​​the border where there was no physical barrier so far.

With the phrase “We did it”, the founder of the group, Brian Kolfage, gave the news on his personal Facebook page with a video where you can see heavy machinery that transports and lifts segments of metal bars.

“We made history !, a little less than a mile (1.6 kilometers) this weekend,” Kolfage said on social media.

Last December Kolfage launched a campaign through the GoFundMe platform to raise a billion dollars to create a non-profit organization that would build parts of the border wall on private land on the border with Mexico.

The campaign that, according to its promoters seeks to stop the entry of “illegal” to the country, managed to raise so far 22 million dollars.

“This is the first time that an organization has built a part of the wall on private land and it is not any piece of land, it is the separation between the wall in El Paso and the wall in Monte Cristo Rey,” said Kris Kobach, former secretary of Kansas State and adviser to “We Build The Wall” during an interview with the Fox television channel.
Steve Bannon, former adviser to President Donald Trump, told Yahoo News that the construction was carried out by construction company Tommy Fisher based in North Dakota, involved hundreds of workers and cost six million dollars.

Bannon, who is identified by Yahoo News as director of We Build the Wall, said the group asked local authorities what was the most dangerous part of the border and responded that the gap between the two segments of border fence mentioned.
The group bought the rights to this land and began construction last Friday.

“We had to take them by surprise,” Bannon said.
President Trump promised during the electoral campaign of 2016 to extend the existing wall in some areas of the border between the country and Mexico to prevent the entry of immigrants without permission, but he has not been able to do so until now because Congress has not given him the 5,700 millions of dollars ordered. (EFEUSA)

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