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Women are the majority in more prominent Democratic presidential campaigns

Washington, DC – Most of the posts in nine of the Democratic Party’s ten most prominent presidential campaigns ahead of the upcoming election are held by women, and nearly 25 percent of them identify themselves as “minorities,” according to a published analysis. today by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

So far at least 23 people have announced that they will compete for the Democratic presidential nomination with a view to the November 2020 elections.

“While the analysis found that 58 percent of the top officials in those campaigns identify themselves as ‘white’, they also found that the candidates with the most points in the surveys have made an effort to diversify their teams,” said the official. daily.

The analysis was based on information provided by the campaigns of former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Senator Kamala Harris of California and Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey.

In addition, the newspaper considered the composition of the campaign teams of Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of Indiana and former Secretary of Housing and Human Development Julián Castro.

These are nine of the ten campaigns listed at the top of the vote intention of the average polls performed by the Real Clear Politics site (realclearpolitics.com).

The tenth campaign is that of former Texas representative Beto O’Rourke who, according to the newspaper, did not provide detailed information about his staff.

According to that average, Biden has 37 percent support, followed by Sanders with 17.7 percent, Warren with 9.8 percent, Harris with 8 percent, Buttigieg with 6.2 percent, O’Rourke with 3.7 percent, Kobluchar with 3 percent, and Booker and Castro each with 1 percent.

The Wall Stret Journal quoted an O’Rourke spokesperson as saying that the main staff at the campaign headquarters in El Paso and in other states “is 53 percent white and half are men and the other half are women.”

By comparison, the newspaper reported that in President Donald Trump’s campaign for re-election, the majority of the staff are women and whites are the majority.

Castro, who was part of the cabinet in the presidency of Democrat Barack Obama, is the only Hispanic among the ten most popular candidates, and has appointed Maya Rupert as the head of his campaign, the only black woman in charge of a campaign to 2020

Before her, the newspaper recalled, only two other African-American women have run presidential campaigns: Donna Brazile who led Al Gore in 2000, and Maggie Wiliams, co-director of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008.

Female participation in the political power of the US received an unprecedented impetus in the November 2018 legislative elections when 117 women, almost all Democrats, won seats in Congress.

Even so, although women are 50 percent of the population, only 20 percent of members of Congress are women. (EFEUSA)

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