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Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, the Cannes revolution

 “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood”, by Quentin Tarantino, was the most awaited film in Cannes. If to that is added that Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, its protagonists, walked yesterday through the red carpet and today through the Palace of Festivals, the revolution is served.

For almost an hour before today, journalists were crowded at the doors of the room where the press conference was being held to present the film, an expectation that had not raised any star or film of those that have passed to date. for this 72 edition.

After posing before the photographers, the team arrived late, which reduced the time of the appearance, to the despair of the journalists who waited.

And the actors were not too talkative – it’s hard to compete with Tarantino’s verbiage – but by their very presence they had already conquered all the attendees who, for the first time this year, filled the press room to the flag.

DiCaprio, more formal, with dark blue suit, white shirt and impeccable hairstyle. Pitt de sport, with dark trousers, brown polo shirt that showed a white shirt, and a blue cap. Next to them, Margot Robbie, wearing a spring white dress.

And the press conference began, with a surprising statement from Tarantino when answering the first question.

“I can honestly say that what I think now is different from two or ten years ago because I got married six months ago, my wife is sitting here, I had never done before, and now I know why, I was waiting for the perfect girl,” she said. while his wife, Daniella Pick, looked at him from the front row.

But beyond that and the film itself, the focus was on the actors, who worked together for the first time.

“It was amazing to work together, we can say that we are from the same generation because we started working at the same time,” said DiCaprio, despite the fact that he is 44 years old and Pitt 55.

“Brad is an extraordinary actor and a professional, it has been very easy to work with him,” Di Caprio added.

While Pitt stressed how fun it was filming with DiCaprio. “It was the best of the best, we have the same references, we arrived at the same time to the cinema, we have similar experiences, it was very funny”.

Two actors who play in the film two friends who face the end of an era without really knowing what to do with their lives. And that offer the funniest moments in history.

They were friendly and relaxed at the press conference. More serious Pitt speaking of the horror that supposed the murder of Sharon Tate – around which the film is developed – and lighter DiCaprio, that stood out the tribute of Tarantino to the cinema.

And the amount of references included on the film, but also on television or music because after all, the actor joked, Tarantino’s brain is like “entering a database of a computer.”

All the attention was in them, although the director did not miss any opportunity to intervene, always with a sense of humor.

As when he remembered that he had to eliminate a scene from the final editing, when Steve McQueen is offered to star in “The Great Scape” and hesitates to accept it or not. And he even shot some images of Rick Dalton (the character of DiCaprio) as the protagonist of that film.

“It was like watching ‘Casablanca’ starring George Clooney,” he said amused.

But at the end of the press conference, the cries that were heard were “Brad” and “Leo” to get the attention of the actors, because journalists also become fans at festivals and ask for autographs.

The two stopped a few minutes, but everything was late in Cannes today and despite the screams, the stars quickly left the Palace of Festivals. (EFE) .-

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