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Proposed municipalities P.Rico create trust to help retired policemen

 San Juan, .- Senator Miguel Romero, of the ruling New Progressive Party, presented on Monday the Senate Project 1290, which aims to create a trust municipalities to improve the economic benefits received by retired municipal police.

“Given the current fiscal circumstances, it is important to allow these trusts to be nurtured from a variety of sources so that they can benefit our municipal police,” Romero said in a press release.

Romero emphasized that, like the state police, the municipal police have also faced the consequences of certain decisions taken regarding retirement, specifically those imposed by Law 3-2013.

“By not excluding them from its provisions, this Act had the effect of affecting the withdrawal conditions of these public order officials,” the senator added by the District of San Juan.
Law 3-2017, known as the Law to address the economic, fiscal and budgetary crises to guarantee the functioning of the Government of Puerto Rico, diminishes the policemen their pension of 75% of their salary at the time of retirement to a little more than 38%

This cut would cause the police only get 800 dollars a month without social security, because these workers do not get it, like teachers.

Also, Romero emphasized the need for mechanisms that assist municipal police “to deal with the challenges they would face once they retire, after having served both their municipality and all of Puerto Rico in the protection of life and the property. “

“The sacrifice made by these high-risk public servants must always be recognized and appreciated by all Puerto Ricans,”
“We will continue to promote measures that result in the protection of our retirees’ pensions and in the search for alternatives for those pensions that have been significantly reduced, especially those that affect our high-risk public servants, such as our municipal police,” he said. (EFEUSA)

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