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Giant sculpture honoring shooting victims in Florida will burn in fire

 Miami, .- The temple made in honor of the community of Parkland (Florida), where there was a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School (MSD) Parkland that killed 17 people, will burn Sunday night in a event of ceremonial tints.

The so-called “Temple of Time”, the work of California artist David Best and designed to be consumed by fire, will be burned on Sunday night with the participation of 17 members of the community, in an act that will serve to mourn the passage to a healing process.

Raised in the town of Coral Springs, the ephemeral structure of more than 10 meters high opened to the public on February 14, when the first anniversary of the massacre in high school perpetrated by Nikolas Cruz, currently imprisoned and awaiting of judgement.

Since then, flowers, photographs, stuffed animals, flowers, among other objects have been deposited inside, which will also be consumed by fire, for which adjacent streets will be closed.

“It will be lit from its four corners,” said Lynne Martzall, of the municipality of Coral Springs, according to the local newspaper Sun Sentinel, in what will be an act that the authorities foresee will attract hundreds of observers.

Made of thousands of pieces of plywood, combined with marquetry or cut-out techniques, following motifs inspired by Asian cultures, a team of 25 people and dozens of volunteers, including survivors of the massacre, were employed for the construction of the temple.

Its author, who has already built works with similar purposes, said in an interview with Efe on the occasion of the inauguration, that before a tragedy like the one in Parkland, of which “no one was unharmed”, only the passage of time can cure the wounds.

“It would be a daring on my part to consider myself a ‘healer’,” said Best, whose work has been visited by thousands of people in the last three months. (EFEUSA)

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