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The Association of Hospitals of Puerto Rico rejects increase of rates of electric

 San Juan, .- The Association of Hospitals of Puerto Rico today opposed the increase in rates by the state Electric Power Authority (AEE) given the high operating costs of those health institutions on the island.

The entity stressed through a statement that unlike what is thought the hospitals of Puerto Rico do not enjoy subsidies from the AEE.

“Our institutions are designed to save lives.” The operation of a hospital requires the intensive use of electric power to operate highly sophisticated equipment that is in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. said Jaime Pla, executive president of the Hospital Association of Puerto Rico.

“We can say that the highly intensive services in the use of electric power is an essential aspect to save lives, at the moment there is no way we can absorb an increase in the cost of electric power,” the executive stressed.

“In the same way, we can say that our institutions are studying the possibility of connecting to the alternative energy system, which is something that takes a long time, requires well-trained technical personnel and, above all, a substantial initial economic investment,” he said.

He said that if these increases occurred, patients would suffer an increase in the costs of hospital services. (EFEUSA)

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