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Hundreds of immigrants from the border will be sent to South Florida

 Miami, Hundreds of undocumented immigrants arriving in the US through the Mexican border will be sent each month to South Florida to “alleviate” the situation in that region, local officials said on Thursday, calling it “irresponsible.” policy “of the federal government.

The mayor of Broward County, Mark Bogen, criticized that they will be “hundreds of immigrants (…) without designated shelters or funds to house them, feed them and keep them safe.”

Bogen said that “this sudden influx” is “irresponsible” and “inhumane” and suggested that for those that the county does not find shelter take them to the hotels owned by US President Donald Trump.

“Let’s ask the president to open his heart and his home too,” he said.

“It’s not a good plan,” said Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, who told a news conference on Thursday that the Border Patrol informed them of the idea.

The sheriff said he has many questions about the implementation of this policy, for example if they are children or families, if they have information on their criminal record, if they have it, and is concerned that it may represent a “public safety problem”. “for local communities.

For his part, Senator Marco Rubio said in his Twitter account that there are at least 500 immigrants who will arrive next week in the counties of Broward and Palm Beach, north of Miami.

The Republican senator from Florida said he was aware of the issue through local authorities, who told him that the undocumented will be “liberated” in the region while attending an asylum hearing in immigration courts.

“The undocumented arrival is overwhelming our system,” Rubio said.

Bogen said the county will do “everything possible to help these people.” However, he pointed out that if the president “does not provide financial assistance to house and feed these people, he will be creating a camp for the homeless.”

He stressed that Broward County will be targeting all charities, nonprofits, businesses and other resources to try to help these immigrants.
The mayor emphasized that Broward “no” is a sanctuary city for immigrants and that the Florida Legislature recently approved a controversial bill prohibiting such jurisdictions in the state.

In this regard, he recalled that “President Trump has threatened to send people who cross the border illegally to communities that consider themselves friendly with immigrants.” (EFEUSA)

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