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A work by Carrington is auctioned at $ 842,947 in Mexico

 Mexico, – The oil “Giving food to a table” by the Mexican Leonora Carrington was sold at 16 million pesos ($ 842,947) to be the best-selling artist at the Latin American Art Auction held this Thursday in Mexico City.

The work of Carrington, 57 x 70 centimeters and dated in 1959, achieved one of the best prices of the 201 lots that have come out to bid in this auction that summoned experts and clients in the Naval Club by the company Casa Morton.

The bid started at 6.5 million pesos (one 342.105 dollars) and the final price for Carrington’s work (1917-2011) closed at 16.016.000 pesos (842.947 dollars) with 20% bonus and 16 VAT. included, said the auction house to Efe.

The painting “Paysage de Fontenay” by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera (1886-1957) valued at one million dollars and considered a work of his cubist period, has not been placed after being offered with an initial price of 16 million pesos ($ 842,105) )

Of Rivera’s paintings that were offered in this auction, his “Paisaje de Álamos Sonora”, graphite pencil on paper of 9.8 x 13.5 centimeters was sold in 75,000 pesos ($ 3,947).

The work “Octava avenida”, an oil painting by Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco in 1928, was auctioned at 8 million pesos ($ 421,052).

At the Auction, works were offered by artists such as the Chilean Roberto Matta (1911-2002), the Guatemalan Carlos Mérida (1891-1984), the Costa Rican Francisco Zuñiga (1912-1998) and the Uruguayan Bruno Widmann (1930-2017).

In this auction in total works of more than 100 artists from Latin America and Spain will be on sale.

Among them the so-called “transterrados”, Spanish artists of high importance for Mexican art who arrived due to the Civil War as Jose Bardasano (1910-1979), Juan Eugenio Mingorance (1906-1979), Vicente Gandía (1935-2009) and Arturo Souto (1902-1964).

Most of the works included in this auction of Latin American art belong to private collections (EFE).

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