Suspension of flights from the US to Venezuela leaves passengers stranded in Miami

 Miami, .- More than 200 passengers who were going to travel this Thursday from Miami to Barcelona (Venezuela) were stranded due to the decision of the US government to suspend all flights to and from Venezuela.

The flight 9V 1223 of the Venezuelan company Avior departing at 08.00 EST local time was scheduled for today on the screens of the Miami International Airport.
However, at the scheduled time for his departure appeared with the status of “canceled.”

None of the major US airlines were flying to Venezuela when Wednesday the announcement was made of the “immediate” suspension of all flights to and from that country.
The last of those airlines to stop covering the routes to Venezuela was American Airlines, which announced the indefinite suspension of its flights to that country on March 28. United and Delta did not fly to Venezuela since 2017.

Local media broadcast images and statements from Avior passengers who stayed on land on Thursday, and reported that other scheduled or charter airlines that connect Miami with Venezuela are flying to the Dominican Republic, from there to continue to their final destination.

The announcement of the “immediate suspension” of all flights to and from Venezuela due to “conditions” that threaten the safety of travelers, aircraft and crews, affects both cargo and passenger flights and aircraft of any number, not only U.S.

The decision was announced in a statement by the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Kevin McAleenan.

“This determination is based on ongoing political instability and increased tensions in Venezuela and the involuntary risk associated with flight operations,” the statement said.
The suspension of flights will remain “in force indefinitely” and the US Departments of State, Transportation and National Security will continue to monitor the conditions in Venezuela and, if they change, will review the measure.

The Department of Transportation said in a separate statement that federal law authorizes the suspension of the services of foreign airlines and national airlines between the country and a foreign State, when there are conditions at airports that threaten the safety of passengers, aircraft, or crew”.

The United States and Venezuela suspended diplomatic relations after the government of President Donald Trump recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president of the South American country. (EFEUSA)


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