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Feast at the Statue of Liberty to the rhythm of Gloria Estefan for the new museum

New York, .- The land of Liberty Island, the home of the Statue of Liberty, hosted this Wednesday night a party in honor of the Iron Lady and his new museum, enlivened by the music of the singers Gloria Estefan and Tony Bennett, with host Oprah Winfrey as a luxury guest.

Just a day before its opening to the public visiting the island, dozens of celebrities and recognized faces of the show, the politics and the New York celebrity took the ferry in the direction of the bronze mass to honor it as a symbol not only of freedom, but of equality and respect for human rights.

That was the main idea for the protagonist of the night, Oprah, who was the last to arrive and she did it in an immaculate white dress for what was her first visit to the monument that for so many years welcomed the immigrants who arrived to U.S.

“It is important because it establishes open arms and not closed borders, it is important because it establishes an ideal of what the United States is, and that ideal is freedom for everyone,” the actress told the media before heading to Liberty Island. to give the opening speech and collect the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island prize.

This award, forged with original materials from both monuments, recognizes Winfrey’s work, professional experience and global efforts in favor of human rights and freedoms.

Before her, on the way to the ferries that cross the Hudson River to Liberty Island, celebrities such as the actor Johnny Galecki (“The Big Bang Theory”), the businesswoman Nicky Hilton (sister of Paris Hilton) and the owner of Amazon also passed. , Jeff Bezos, although his appearance on the improvised red carpet was fleeting with just a few greetings to the cameras.

The gala, with more than 500 guests, aims to honor the opening of the new Museum of the Statue, which includes as its main piece the original torch removed in 1986, just for its centenary, due to the poor conditions of it.

The event also had the presence of former Secretary of State and former presidential candidate for the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton, who preferred not to pass in front of the cameras and go directly to the boat that took her to the island.

There he met the Republican turned Democrat Michael Bloomberg, the ex-mayor millionaire of the city who also donated funds for the construction of the museum and, as such, his name appears recognized with a star upon entering.

“Tonight is one of those occasions that ensures forever that the history, meaning and importance of the Statue of Liberty is transferred to all generations that follow us,” said the president and CEO of the Foundation of both monuments and that manages both museums, Stephen Briganti.
The designer Diane von Furstenberg, president of the fundraising campaign for the construction of the Museum, agreed: “I have discovered that she (the Statue) has a real power to make things happen, she has a magic torch and she has been an exciting trip to discover its history and share it with others “.

The act was also attended by a famous person not to put the Statue on the map, but to make it disappear: the illusionist David Copperfield, who recalled the opportunity he had to live in the grounds of the Statue “after much begging” and to make It vanished in the eyes of the whole world in 1983, although that was not his intention tonight. (EFE)

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