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USA increases its tariffs to 25% on thousands of products from China

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States imposed a 25% increase on Friday from China’s current 10% on tariffs on Chinese imports valued at 200 billion dollars, a move that muddies negotiations with Beijing to contain the trade war between the two countries. largest world economies.

At 00.01 today on the east coast of the USA (4.01 GMT) came into effect the increase in tariffs on more than 5,000 Chinese products announced last Sunday by US President Donald Trump, and that China had tried to prevent during negotiations against the clock in Washington.

White House sources had confirmed shortly before midnight that tariffs would go into effect as scheduled.

The working dinner held this Thursday by China’s chief negotiator, Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, with US foreign trade chief Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin did not change Washington’s plans. .

Liu will meet again this Friday with the US negotiators, in an attempt to achieve a pact that allows to withdraw, reduce or contain the impact of tariffs.

Last Sunday, Trump broke a truce of more than six months in the commercial war by announcing that today he would raise to 25% the tariffs that he imposed last year on Chinese products valued at 200,000 million dollars.

The US president returned to his original plan to increase the burden of tariffs against these Chinese products, which he decided to freeze last December to open a negotiation with China that is still active.

The announcement on Sunday revolutionized markets and increased uncertainty about the talks between the two powers, which until a week ago seemed to be approaching the signing of a trade agreement.

The increased tariffs today affect more than a third of the annual Chinese exports to the US, including products such as cereals, textiles, construction materials, chemicals and fuels.

Trump threatened on Thursday, in addition, to impose tariffs also of 25% to another 325,000 million dollars in imports from China, which would cover the total value of Chinese goods imported annually by the United States.

China threatened this Thursday with “reprisals” if Washington finally went ahead with its increase in tariffs. (EFE)

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