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New York Fashion Week shortens and faces changes

 New York, .- The New York Fashion Week, an unmissable event for this sector that has lost weight in the circuit in recent years, will be shortened next September to five days and five nights, as announced on Thursday. the Council of Fashion Designers (CFDA) American.

“The CFDA is making significant changes to strengthen New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and raise it as a platform for the best American fashion,” said the organization, which on June 1 will relieve Diane Von Furstenberg in the presidency by Tom Ford.

Prior to joining his new position, Ford has promoted this change that will take effect in September of this year: the official NYFW calendar proposed by the CFDA will start on Friday night September 6 and end on Wednesday night 11.

Usually the event lasted a whole week of September, from Thursday to Thursday, and recently it has been reduced one day, from Thursday to Wednesday, without taking into account the fashion house shows that are outside this calendar, a tendency every time More frequently.

The organization said in a note that the changes are “necessary to globalize more” the appointment and that they are not directed “only to the American industry and talent”, in addition to pointing out that it is willing to “an intense review process” every season. .

The specialized magazine WWD published this Thursday interviews with Ford and the CEO of the CFDA, Steven Kolb, about this new format decided at the request of the new president and in which both trust to revitalize the “Fashion Week”.

WWD argues that attendees have long complained about the length and complexity of the event, both in the fall and spring, and the participation of brands and the international press have plummeted, problems to which Ford adds the need for American fashion become stronger.

“There is a choice,” said the fashion designer to the magazine: “Let the whole NYFW advance towards irrelevancy or change the calendar, try to reinvigorate it and try to be as accommodative as possible.”

Without revealing too many details, both managers of the organization of designers made it clear that they want attention to the parades, beyond events such as parties or store openings, and that the days do not seem to be shortened, since 8.00 in the afternoon being the “most desired” schedule.

Also, Kolb stressed that the “motivation” for the changes is that “the international press has been lost”, that “they do not come or they do not come as often to New York”, so they plan consultations with retailers and foreign media , in addition to nationals.
Aware that US brands establish offices in Europe during Fashion Week in Paris, and that the media have limited budgets and the firms they present in New York do not usually “sponsor journalists” to cover them, the CFDA is negotiating incentives with the agency tourism in the city.

In addition to negotiating with that agency, NYC & Co., the organization is looking for corporate partners for these purposes, and proposes that big fashion brands and other related sectors contribute to create a “travel fund”, as has happened with the of the NYFW dedicated to men. (EFEUSA)

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