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A shooting in a Colorado school leaves one dead and half a dozen wounded

 Denver (USA), .- A shooting in a school in Denver, Colorado (USA), left on Tuesday a student killed, eight people injured, two suspects arrested and a third fugitive, according to authorities local.

Sheriffs from Douglas County, in southern Denver, along with police and emergency personnel from nearby jurisdictions, responded shortly after 2:00 pm local time (20:00 GMT), to a shooting at a local high school.
The events occurred at the STEM school, in the area known as Highlands Ranch.

Sheriff Tony Spurlock of Douglas County confirmed that there is “at least one death” from the shooting and that five of the injured are serious.

Spurlock detailed that the police “struggled” with the attackers to reduce them and stressed that the identities of the suspects would not be disclosed “for being part of the investigations.”

The crime scene, however, remains active both inside and outside the school, as the authorities managed to “retain” in the parking lot one of the vehicles used by the suspects.
“It’s a terrible event, something nobody wants to happen in their community, but we’re going to get to the bottom of it until we discover how and what happened,” Spurlock emphasized.

“I have to believe that the quick response of the officers who entered the school saved lives,” he said.
Two suspects, only identified as an adult man and a young man, were arrested. The authorities believe that both were students at the school. According to preliminary reports, none of the suspects was injured.

As reported previously at a press conference Holly Nicholson Kluth, assistant county clerk of Douglas County, there was some kind of altercation when the attackers entered the school.
The sub-guarantor indicated that the injured were “transported to hospitals in the area.”

In addition, he said that it is unknown if there was any previous complaint or warning warning of the attack, but said that “some of the students should know something”, so he asked that “those who know something, say so”.
Nicholson Kluth explained that, in this case, the protocol that was evolving from the massacre at Columbine School, also south of Denver, where on April 20, 1999 two students killed 12 students and a teacher before commit suicide.

“The response was immediate from officers assigned to schools and from officers on patrol, when the officers arrived, they still heard shots and we believe that they were shot at,” Nicholson Kluth noted.

“I’ve been here for 30 years, I’ve seen many things, but this community is quiet, which is unusual for us,” she added.

“Multiple law enforcement agencies responded as a group and still go through the building until they are sure that there are no active suspects,” said the sub-guarantor, indicating that a specialized squad has not yet completed that task.

In this case, the kindergarten children were told, taking advantage of the weather situation in Denver, that they could not leave their school “because of the electrical storm”.

All schools in the area (between 25 and 30) and others in nearby districts are on alert, or “insured perimeter”. Most of these centers canceled their afternoon and evening activities.

For his part, the governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, sent a statement in the wake of the shooting.

“We are making available all of our public safety resources to assist the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department in its efforts to secure the site and evacuate students, and we are monitoring the situation in real time. victims and their families, “said Polis.

STEM is a campus that runs from kindergarten through 12th grade. It has more than 1,850 students and is focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

On April 30, another shooting killed at least two people and injured four others on the campus of the University of North Carolina (UNC) in Charlotte, according to the authorities at the time, who have seen the increase in recent years. of these facts in educational centers. (EFE) (EFE)

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