Plane from Jamaica lands emergency in Miami without problems

 Miami, .- A Boeing 737-800 of the American Airlines company from Kingston (Jamaica) made an emergency landing at the Miami International Airport on Tuesday, with no injuries.

Sources of the airline and the airport indicated that the cause was a flat tire on one of the wheels of the plane, which was corrected by the technicians after the landing.
The 172 passengers and the six crew members of the plane disembarked normally and are well, said an American Airlines spokeswoman.

Last Friday, another Boeing 737 with 143 people on board -136 passengers and 7 crew-went off the runway and rushed to the Saint Johns River near the Jacksonville naval airport in North Florida, when it was about to land.

The device, coming from the naval station of Guantánamo Bay (Cuba), was not submerged, as the area where it fell is not deep and only 21 passengers were taken to the local hospital to receive treatment for their injuries, of a mild nature. (EFEUSA)


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