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Trump announces increased tariffs on products imported from China

 Washington, DC – President Donald Trump announced today that the United States will increase tariffs on China on imported goods from 10% to 25% next Friday, as the negotiations that both powers have been carrying out for months on foreign trade “continue , but too slow. “

“For 10 months China has been paying tariffs to the US of 25% over 50,000 million dollars in technological goods, and 10% to 200,000 million dollars in other goods (…). 25% on Friday, “Trump said in his personal Twitter account.

In a second tweet, the president blamed this decision that “the trade agreement with China continues, but too slow, while they try to renegotiate. No!”.

According to Trump, products coming from China “without taxing” amounting to 325,000 million dollars are currently entering US soil, which he intends to put an end to with this new tariff of 25%.

Trump warned at the end of last year that, if he did not reach an agreement with China before March 1, he would raise China’s 200 billion dollars worth of tariffs on Chinese imports from the current 10% to 25%.

However, he finally opted to extend this period to allow room for negotiations between both countries.
Since December, Beijing has adopted goodwill measures, such as lowering tariffs on vehicles imported from the US, resuming the purchase of soybeans or submitting a bill to prohibit the forced transfer of technology.

But, as a condition for not increasing its tariffs to China, which affect everything from textiles and food to fuel, Washington also wanted Beijing to commit to structural changes in its economy to, among other things, protect the intellectual property of American companies. (EFEUSA)

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