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Georgia executes a prisoner for murdering his ex-girlfriend and another woman

 WASHINGTON (AP) – The state of Georgia executed prisoner Scotty Morrow on Thursday, sentenced to death for murdering his ex-girlfriend and a friend of hers in 1994.

Morrow, a 52-year-old black man, was pronounced dead at 9:38 pm (01.38 GMT Friday) after receiving a lethal injection at Jackson prison, the Georgia Department of Corrections reported.

On December 29, 1994, Morrow received a call from his ex-girlfriend Barbara Ann Young in which she told him that the relationship was definitely over despite the attempts made today to reconcile.

As prosecutors later claimed, during the weeks preceding that call Morrow terrorized Young, sexually abusing her and physically abusing her.

That same night, Morrow drove to Young’s house, north of Atlanta, where the woman was accompanied by her five-year-old son and her friends Tonya Woods and LaToya Horne.
While Young was hiding in the bathroom, Morrow shot Woods in the stomach and then went to his ex-girlfriend.

He knocked down the door, hit Young and killed her with a shot to the head.

He then executed the badly wounded Woods from another shot in the head and also shot, in this case in the face, Horne, who survived.
For those crimes he was sentenced to death by a jury in 1999, after more than four years.

Prior to its execution, the state of Georgia served Morrow one last dinner to his liking which included a hamburger, waffles with chicken, two hot dogs, a bag of popcorn; half a liter of pecan nut ice cream for dessert and a large lemonade.
He also received visits from 10 of his relatives, a friend, two religious and his lawyers.

The execution of Morrow was the first of the year in Georgia and fifth in the United States.

Since the Supreme Court restored the death penalty in 1976 in the country, 1,495 people have been executed in the United States, 73 of them in Georgia. (EFEUSA)

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