Detective Pikachu and Ryan Reynolds take New York for the premiere of their film

 New York, .- The actor Ryan Reynolds and Detective Pikachu took this Thursday Times Square in New York for the premiere of the first film “live-action” of the yellow mouse, “Detective Pikachu”, whose world premiere is scheduled for 10 of May.

Reynolds, who puts the voice to the mascot of the Pokémon franchise in this film, is the protagonist of the same along with Justice Smith, who plays Tim Goodman, the 21 year old son of a missing detective and who has the help of Pikachu to find it.

Realizing he can talk to Pikachu, something unique in the world, join forces to unravel the mystery in the streets of Ryme City (Rima City), a city that mixes aspects of the island of Manhattan in New York with others from the capital of Japan, where the saga originates from.

As part of the promotion, the subway station closest to Times Square appeared with its screens full of the characters from the videogame series and with announcements of the upcoming movie premiere.

Also, several giant Pikachus delighted the thousands of visitors who cross Times Square daily and today preferred to take selfies with the yellow mouse than with the usual in the area, Iron Man or the Statue of Liberty.

In the film, in front of the sweet behavior of the mascot in video games, Reynolds gives life to a character with amnesia, who knows nothing of his past, who is also addicted to caffeine and needs to find his partner’s father, in part , to find yourself and recover your memory.

“I never imagined that this (incarnating Pikachu) would happen to me at some point, but I’m delighted that it happened to me,” Reynolds replied to fans who asked him during a live broadcast through the film’s official account. Twitter

The Pokémon were reconstructed through computer, so the fans also got the curiosity of what it is like to act by addressing characters that do not really exist.
“It was very difficult, but we had to use our imagination, how hard was it to record without human beings?” Answered Justice Smith, before bouncing the question back to Reynolds.

Launched in 1996, the Pokémon brand encompasses video games – more than 300 million units sold of their titles around the world – as well as the anime series, more than twenty animated films, books, manga, music, merchandising, the Pokémon Go mobile app and an interchangeable card game (EFEUSA)

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