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Gloria Trevi launches a new single and starts tour in Mexico and the United States

 Mexico, .- The Mexican singer Gloria Trevi starts a new tour on Thursday under the name “Goddess of the night”, which will tour 19 Mexican and 23 US scenes under the theme “life is short, night is long” and with his new single “Ábranse, bitches”.

The artist from Monterrey, in the northern state of Nuevo León, known internationally for topics such as “Pelo Suelto” or “Doctor Psiquiatra”, will perform this Thursday in the central city of Querétaro, where she will present her new song to the public for the first time.
This tour will take you to a score of Mexican cities such as Cancun (May 17), Mérida (May 18) and Monterrey (May 31, June 1 and June 2) to end with two concerts at the City Arena. Mexico on June 27 and 28.

Later, between September 13 and November 10, he will tour the United States, performing in Las Vegas (September 14), Washington (September 27), New York (September 28), Miami (October 4) and Los Ángeles (November 9), among others.
Two weeks ago, his new song was leaked on social networks but Trevi said that it is not the final version, in which he collaborates with some “drag queens” and whose lyrics will be, predictably, a song to the freedom of women.

“Ábranse, bitches” is a “display of fashion and color in which Gloria Trevi had more than 7 costume changes, each more impressive than the previous one,” the artist’s agency said in a statement.
“For a cat, a bitch, for a bitch, a she-wolf, for a wolf, a lioness, and for a lioness, this bitch,” the Mexican wrote next to a small video of the song.

Even so, she recently said in an interview with Efe from Miami that she does not consider herself a feminist “for a long time”: “I think I was born a feminist and then I became a humanist”.
Trevi has never been afraid to be irreverent with his lyrics and his music and on March 14, he published the song “HIJOEPU # #” next to the Colombian Karol G.

In the video, Trevi and Karol G. join forces to pay the one who betrayed them. It is modern, agile, fun and shows the two Latin stars in all their splendor.

Behind this theme, according to Trevi, there is an experience of shared life and a spiritual affinity that convinces her that she was the product of what she calls the “godside”.
Next May 31, the full album “Diosa de la noche” will be released.

Trevi’s latest studio album is to date “El amor” (2015), in which he made versions of romantic themes, including “Como yo te amo”, “Perdóname” and “Ahora quien”. (EFE)

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