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Venezuela says at the UN that it has defeated US-backed coup attempt

 United Nations, – The Venezuelan government said on Tuesday at the UN that it has “defeated” an attempt at a “coup d’état” backed by the United States and several Latin American countries, which it accused of seeking “blood” to justify military intervention.

“This new attempt by foreign powers to promote a civil war, open the doors to a military intervention and impose a puppet government in our country failed,” said the ambassador of Venezuela to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada.

In a press conference, Moncada defended that it was “a very dangerous attempt, but very clumsy, because it does not have the popular will, does not have the majority of the nation, much less the forces of public order and the State” .

The diplomat insisted that the uprising was limited to a small group of opponents and military and that it was little more than “an advertising media operation.”

However, he stressed, it could have had dangerous consequences, by trying to get people out into the streets by making them believe that there was a movement much greater than the real one.

According to him, opposition leader Juan Guaidó “is sending people to be cannon fodder in the streets, looking for blood to see if there is any kind of commotion that can be used in the media.”
Moncada assured that all this operation “deflated” and that the country lives in total “normality”, beyond the area of ​​Caracas in which opposition demonstrators are concentrated.

In addition, he highlighted the caution of the authorities in his response and the fact that there were no deaths during the day, suggesting that Washington and its allies sought just that to have a pretext to act.

The Venezuelan ambassador insisted that the United States was aware of everything that was going to happen and supported it, together with the leaders of countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, among others.

Therefore, he called on “the international community to reject this violent attempt promoted by foreign powers to destroy the constitutional order of Venezuela.”

In that regard, he said he would like the matter to be addressed by the UN Security Council, where for now no member has officially requested a meeting.

Moncada also attacked the secretary general of the United Nations, António Guterres, after his spokesman asked the parties for restraint and did not want to lean clearly on behalf of the government or the opposition.

“He can not be impartial when there is a recognized Government in the United Nations, which is our Government (…), and an attempt was made to overthrow him,” he said.

At dawn on Tuesday, Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by more than 50 countries, announced the launch of “Operation Freedom” to achieve “the definitive cessation of the usurpation” that Maduro considers of the Presidency. (EFEUSA ).

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