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They place lampoons in San Juan calling the governor of P.Rico a “dictator”

Several areas of the San Juan metropolitan area woke up today with leaflets with images of the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, alluding that he is “a dictator” and inviting citizens to participate on Wednesday of the strike on May 1, Labor Day .

The leaflets were posted by the Movement No to the Labor Reform, and present the reasons why citizens must participate in the demonstrations that will be held in different parts of the capital, according to the agency itself in a press release.

The signs refer to the cuts proposed by the local government to the University of Puerto Rico, to public health insurance, to the removal of the police, to the little allocation of funds to the Medical Center, to changes to labor laws, among others.

“Clearly the governor has assumed a dictatorial attitude by imposing cuts to the labor rights of public and private employees, before the dismantling of education to benefit his brother and select groups, given the misery he wants to bring to the country with the cuts in the pensions of our old people, “the spokesperson of the movement, Edwin Ocasio, said in the statement.

Ocasio emphasized that Rosselló “is a dictator, because he rules for him and his people, because he does not do justice to the police, teachers, doctors and all the professionals who work every day to kick this country off.”

“There are plenty of reasons to leave tomorrow for the Golden Mile, we have plenty of reasons to fight against the Rosselló dictatorship,” he added.

The posters were pasted on the avenues Roosevelt, Chardon, on the street Calaf, and in the banking zone of the Golden Mile. (EFEUSA) .-

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