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New York Attorney General’s Office investigates the National Rifle Association

New York, .- The Attorney General of New York began an investigation into the finances of the National Association of the Rifle (NRA, for its acronym in English), for which he has already sent an order to that organization asking to preserve documents of interest.

The spokeswoman of the Office of the Prosecutor, Kelly Donnelly, confirmed that as part of that investigation to the NRA the Office of the Prosecutor issued citations, but did not explain what it is and did not give more details, said Sunday local media.

However, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that the prosecution sent the legal document to the National Rifle Association last Friday with the intention of investigating an alleged financial misconduct.

The newspaper recalled that the investigation arose amid internal problems in the agency between the group’s president, the ex-military Oliver North, and the executive director, Wayne LaPierre, in which North accused LaPierre of financial misconduct.

The situation between the two led to Saturday North announcing his departure from the position he has held since May 2018.

North sent a letter that was read during the Association’s convention in Indianapolis, in which he said he hoped to have been re-nominated for a second term in the presidency “but I have been informed that this will not happen,” the WSJ added.

He also indicated that there is a “clear crisis that needs to be resolved quickly and responsibly.”

The Association’s lawyer, William Brewer, has said that they will cooperate with the investigation and assured that “the NRA is prepared for this and has full confidence in its accounting practices and good management,” said the local press.

New York Attorney General, Democrat Letitia James, promised during her election campaign last year that if elected, she would investigate the status of a non-profit organization of the National Rifle Association (EFEUSA).

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