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Guillermo del Toro: “Monsters allow you to sanctify imperfections”

 New York, .- The director of Mexican cinema Guillermo del Toro confessed this Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival that his weakness for monsters, to which he resorts in most of his films, part of the fact that they allow “sanctify imperfections “in a world in which too many canons have been imposed.

“I really believe that monsters allow imperfections to be sanctified, imperfection is a goal that we can all aspire to and it is inclusive,” the filmmaker said in a speech in which he participated along with American actor Alec Baldwin.

“We live now in a way that the media tells us that we have to be perfect in so many ways … You have to have perfect hair, perfect teeth, that do not see you sweat … No, no, no, let me sweat!” He exclaimed. the person in charge of tapes like “The Labyrinth of the Faun”.

Del Toro is of the opinion that “the tyranny of perfection is repulsive,” and concluded that “if we all agreed that we are all fucked in some way, that we are all imperfect, we would get along much better.”

Del Toro revealed for more than an hour of conversation at a packed theater of the Performing Arts Center of Tribeca, in Manhattan, the secrets and tricks of his creative process that has catapulted him to the top of the world cinema scene.

The Mexican, known for his horror films, fairy tales and supernatural themes, was received by a great ovation, despite having refused to participate in this type of Tribeca Festival events for 5 years, as the co-founder of the event emphasized in his presentation. contest, Jane Rosenthal.

In addition to explaining the reason for his clear preference for monsters, Del Toro spoke of his early beginnings in the world of cinema, when a client paid his father with a projector when he was 7 years old, which led him to buy reels of 8 mm film, with which he made his first films.

“The greatest emotion I have felt in my life was when I screened my first film,” recalled the Mexican, who has also written some of the scripts of his films.

Del Toro also stressed that in some of his films, part of his own salary has been used to finance some extra scene that he wanted to record, and that he has always been willing to put part of his money so that a film ends up having the quality what he requires.

“My salary is part of the contingency plan, in case I need an extra day of recording or whatever,” said the filmmaker, who said he feels that in this way, the projects in which he participates are even more rewarding.

He also talked about his casting secrets and how he selects the actors for his films, a process that he affirmed is “50 percent of what it is to be a director”.

Del Toro said to look especially at the eyes and the interpreter’s eyes, and what expresses his view, “if it is intelligence, cruelty or compassion,” and noted that “that is something that is already seen in the first meeting.”

Described by the organization of the show as “one of the most creative and visionary artists” in active, Del Toro won the recognition of critics when he won numerous awards in 2006 with “El Laberinto del Fauno”.

A description that Baldwin agreed with, his interviewer in the afternoon, who highlighted Del Toro’s courage with the risks he takes in his films.

“The whole world venerates you and admires you for your artistic spirit, you’re an artist,” Balwin said in a loud ovation from the audience.
Last year, Del Toro won four Oscar prizes with the feature film “La forma del agua”, among them the best director and best film, and previously he also triumphed with films like Cronos, Mimic, Hellboy or Pacific Rim. (EFE)

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