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Wisin y Yandel, the classic reggaeton returns: The networks say if you are in force

 Las Vegas (NV), .- Classic reggaeton figures and references to the international expansion of this Latin genre, Wisin y Yandel, again as a duo after several years apart, assured Efe that social networks and public honesty determine if Your proposal is still interesting.

“I think that, in one way or another, we have social networks, the public today is so honest that looking at the networks, what they tell you, you know if you are in force or not, that’s how simple,” explained Wisin.

“But what is happening, (our concerts in 2018 and 2019 in) eight San Juan Coliseums in Puerto Rico, a Madison Square Garden in New York, an Altos de Chavón in the Dominican Republic, a Viña del Mar in Chile … That tells us that Wisin and Yandel are needed, “he added.

The Puerto Rican duo starred on Tuesday at a special session of the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Las Vegas, where they reviewed their track in the reggaeton and where they took the opportunity to promote the US section of their “As before” reunion tour, which will be held in May. and June for cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago or Miami.

“Los campeones del pueblo” was the title of the album that Wisin y Yandel published in 2018 after several years dedicated to their solo careers that served to refresh their minds and learn more about the music business.

“We have to work harder as a soloist,” Yandel admitted with a laugh, “we are a duo that worked fourteen years without stopping and making that break was like starting over again,” he said.

Although reggaeton is now heard in every corner of the planet and celebrities like Beyoncé (“My People”) or Justin Bieber (“Despacito”) have joined the passion for this unstoppable Latin rhythm, Wisin and Yandel belonged to the first batch of This genre, at the turn of the century, was not welcome in all circles.

“We are one of the few reggaeton artists who have seen the transition from the record and the cassette to the technological, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Ivy Queen … We can only say: ‘What a blessing we can live of music, “said Wisin.

But far from being envious of the new reggaeton leaders, like the Colombian J Balvin or the Puerto Rican Ozuna, Wisin and Yandel were very proud of the good health of the urban genre as the prophets who see their disciples confirming the teachings of their gospel .

“This was not twenty years ago and today it is, we have walked in the right direction and that is what it is about (…) It is not about Wisin and Yandel, we have contributed, but here it has been a team effort in which we have contributed many, “said Wisin.

With songs like “Rakata” and collaborations with singers like Romeo Santos (“Night of sex”), Chris Brown (“Something I like about you”), Jennifer Lopez (“Follow The Leader”) or Enrique Iglesias (“Do not tell me not “), Wisin and Yandel defended the pure essence of their reggaeton.

“We Puerto Ricans know the real reggaeton, we know the sound we want, for me reggaeton is a very sensual music that gives you joy, that gives you enough to dance, that’s why it has come so far. party, that distinguishes us, and when mixed with reggaeton it was like an explosion for the world, an explosion of flavor, “Yandel said.

Words like “perseverance”, “neighborhood” or “hard work” tend to strain in the duo’s discourse, although it was not always easy for them to keep their feet on the ground.

“The biggest challenges you have are mental, that is the truth, but we, who from the beginning have seen it go from nothing to what we are today, we value what we suffered and what we had to go through two decades to be here, “Wisin said.

“We recorded in Cayey (his hometown) with egg cartons, and instead of microphones, headphones, and then we were singing ten minutes in a row and, if you were wrong, you had to start over (…) We recorded cassettes and sold them for ten pesos, but I enjoyed it and that’s what made us strong, what gave us that base of the hard ones “, Yandel closed. (EFEUSA)

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