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Exile celebrates support to try Cuba for crimes against humanity

The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (ARC) celebrated on Wednesday that new international supports have arisen to its desire that the Castro regime be judged for crimes against humanity inside and outside the island.

At a press conference held in Miami with Manuel Zalba, a Spanish lawyer who is a member of the International Commission for Justice in Cuba, this coalition of exile and opposition groups in Cuba welcomed various initiatives in this regard.

One of them, they explained, is a resolution before the Chamber of Deputies of Chile that Parliamentarian Luis Pardo Saínz is working to present along with 10 other deputies, “supporting the installation of an ad hoc international tribunal to judge the crimes against humanity of the regime communist of Cuba. “

The ARC also supported an initiative taken last April by the Executive Committee of the Center Democratic International (IDC-CDI) to support the International Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity in Castrismo, created to investigate the crimes committed by the regime of the island against his people.

The IDC, which brings together political forces and personalities from more than 30 countries around the world, also defended the creation of this international court of justice to “investigate, prosecute and punish those responsible for crimes against humanity in Cuba.”

This group hopes to prevent “crimes committed against human dignity from remaining in impunity.”

To these initiatives we must add, this group of exile and dissidence on the island was congratulated, a forum held in the Colombian Senate on the Victims of Communism in Latin America.

In this meeting, says the ARC, this international tribunal was supported to judge the crimes against humanity of Castroism in Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and other countries in the region.

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