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USA begins the extradition process to Spain of one of the assailants to the North Korean embassy

 Washington, .- The United States began the process of extradition to Spain of the only one currently detained for the assault of the North Korean embassy in Madrid, according to court documents that Efe had access to on Tuesday.

Christopher Philip Ahn, 38, of the United States, was arrested on April 18 and will remain in jail without bail until his extradition case is resolved due to the “significant risk of escape”.

The Spanish National Court accuses Ahn of various crimes of trespassing, illegal detention, threats, robbery with violence, injuries and belonging to a criminal organization defined in the Spanish penal code.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Justice explained to Efe that “in accordance with the extradition treaty between the US and Spain, any person who is eventually extradited to Spain in accordance with a valid extradition request for alleged crimes committed in Spain will have all due process. “

According to the US court documents made public today after the lifting of the secrecy of summary, Ahn, an exmarine, traveled from the United States to Spain on February 22.

That same day, and in coordination with six other individuals, Ahn stormed the North Korean embassy in Madrid, tied and beat the diplomatic staff for hours and stole computer equipment before fleeing.

Among the gagged was North Korea’s charge of business in Spain, Yu Sok So, who the assailants unsuccessfully urged to defect.

The opposition group Free Joseon (Free Korea), which seeks to overthrow the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

In addition to Ahn, Spain has requested extradition to the US. Adrian Hong Chang, who is considered the leader of the group of assailants and with a Mexican passport.

Hong Chang returned to the United States via Lisbon the day after the attack and held meetings in New York and Los Angeles with the FBI, to which he delivered part of the stolen material and pointed to Ahn as one of his companions.

The US authorities have not reported the situation of Hong Chang.

The car of the Spanish National Court held that there are five people linked to the assault with a South Korean passport and that at least three fled to the United States. (where they are thought to reside) after the attack.

Hong’s lawyer, Lee Wolosky, sent a statement in which he was “dismayed that the US Department of Justice has decided to execute arrest warrants against US citizens that stem from criminal complaints filed by North Korea.” . (EFE)

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