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Trump again threatens to close the border with Mexico and send more military

Washington – US President Donald Trump returned today to threaten to close his country’s southern border with Mexico and send more soldiers due to an alleged active caravan of migrants heading to the United States at this time.

“A very large caravan of more than 20,000 people started in Mexico, it has been reduced in size by Mexico, but it keeps coming in. Mexico must stop the rest or we will be forced to close that section of the border and call the Army,” he said. Trump on your official Twitter account.

Trump did not give more details about that possible plan, he did not say how many troops he would send or what is the deadline to do so.

“The coyotes and cartels have weapons!” Added the president, in reference to human traffickers who charge large amounts of money to migrants to help them cross the border between the United States and Mexico through roads or tunnels.

Two weeks ago, Trump hinted that he would send “more soldiers” to the border with Mexico after hearing stories of undocumented migrants dying during his trip to the country, although his threat has not yet become effective.

The United States has already deployed some 6,000 soldiers on the border with Mexico, between active soldiers and reservists of the National Guard, as a result of Trump’s willingness to build muscle before the arrival of several caravans of undocumented immigrants last year.

Given the legal limitations of their mission, the soldiers have dedicated themselves to strengthening the border fence that separates the US and Mexico and helping the Border Patrol (CBP) in the transportation of supplies.

At the beginning of April, Trump yielded in his bid to close the border with Mexico, stating that he will give the neighboring country a year to stop the flow of drugs, or otherwise impose tariffs on their cars before deciding whether to close the border area .

The governor then acknowledged that his threat of encumbrances could interfere with the renewed trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada, known as T-MEC and pending ratification by the legislative powers of the three countries.

Trump reversed his threat to close the border in that week, a few days after demanding that Mexico stop “immediately” the flow of undocumented immigrants who cross their country to the US, or otherwise close that border area. EFE).

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