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Tribeca turns 18 with a film festival more New York than ever

 New York, .- The Tribeca film festival turns 18 years looking at its roots and, for the new edition that starts on Wednesday, promises a celebration of the diversity, inclusiveness and culture characteristic of New York, without forgetting the parade of usual stars.

Created by actor Robert De Niro as a means of creative reconstruction for New York after 9/11, Tribeca will be displaying its first red carpet this time in the Harlem neighborhood, where the historic Apollo Theater is located, host and star of the premiere of the documentary that inaugurates twelve days of cinema.

“The Apollo Theater is a symbol of the creative spirit of New York and beyond, and I am very happy that we begin our 18th festival by celebrating it with this documentary by Roger Ross Williams,” said De Niro on HBO’s “The Apollo” , which has interviews with Pharrell Williams and Jamie Foxx, among others.

The Tribeca CEO, Jane Rosenthal, also co-founder, said that this year there is a team of “talented and diverse filmmakers” since, of the more than 100 feature films on display, 40% are directed by women, 29% by non-white people and 13% by people who identify themselves as LGBTQ.

“We are fortunate that our city is the most diverse on the planet,” added the director of the festival, Cara Cusumano, who in this edition presents the sections “This was New York”, about the times that have defined the city, and ” Tribeca Critic’s Week “, with five films selected by local critics.

In addition, coinciding with the LGBTQ “Year of Pride” in New York and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall revolt, Tribeca hosts a special day with talks by activists and actors, including Neil Patrick Harris, which will end with the premiere of the documentary ” Wig “, about the” drag “community of the city, and with a show.

In the strictly cinematographic, they emphasize the psychological drama “Clementine” (Otmara Marrero) and “Gully” (Terrence Howard, Amber Heard), a modern dystopia, competing with the film “Initial SG”, about the amorous and criminal vicissitudes of a “aspiring to Serge Gainsburg argentino”.

There is a Latin presence in narratives such as “The Gasoline Thieves (Huachicolero)”, which is submerged in the underworld of illegal gasoline extraction in Mexico, and the documentaries “Dominican Dream”, on the basketball player Felipe López, and “A Taste of Sky “, who enters Chef Claus Meyer’s cooking school in La Paz (Bolivia).

This edition of Tribeca is not short of famous faces, which are one of the great attractions: they will be seen by the red carpets Margot Robbie (“Dreamland”), Alexander Skarsgard (“The Kill Team”), Freida Pinto (“Only” ), Billy Crystal (“Standing Up, Falling Down”) or Elijah Wood (“Come To Daddy”).

As a curiosity, two well-known actors premiere in the film direction: Christoph Waltz, who in “Georgetown” is placed both in front of and behind the camera, and Jared Leto, author of the documentary “A Day in the Life of America”.

Tribeca will also be witness to several tributes: the 25th anniversary of “Reality Bites”, which gathers Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke; the remastering of “Apocalypse Now”, presented by Francis Ford Coppola, and the 30 years of the longest series in the US, “The Simpson”.

If something is characterized by the festival is to celebrate those who tell stories, and that will do in other luxury guest events such as filmmakers Guillermo del Toro, Martin Scorsese and David. O Russell, or Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek, star of a farewell talk for the series “Mr. Robot.”

Always intertwined with the seventh art, the music will take over Tribeca with two key premieres: a documentary about the singer Linda Ronstadst, after which the rock legend Sheryl Crow will perform, and the musical comedy about the Beatles “Yesterday”, of the laureate Danny Boyle, who closes the festival. (EFEUSA)

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