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Google and Amazon reach an agreement for YouTube to return to Fire TV

The technological giants Google and Amazon announced today that they have reached an agreement that puts an end to the disputes they kept open and that will allow Youtube applications (owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company) to be available again on Fire TV (Amazon).

In the same way, Amazon Prime Video can be accessed from Chromecast devices and the service will expand its compatibility with Android TV (both owned by Alphabet), according to a joint statement issued today by the companies.

The agreement puts an end to a series of disagreements between both companies that culminated in December 2017, when Alphabet withdrew the popular YouTube video portal of Amazon services in response to the refusal of the company led by Jeff Bezos to sell on its website. platform certain Google products.

The most prominent of these products was the speaker with personal assistant for home Google Home, direct competitor of Amazon Echo devices (based on the Alexa assistant).

The announcement of this Thursday takes place the same week in which two other titans of technology, Apple and Qualcomm, also reached an agreement to end all the battles they had open, which in their case had been transferred to the courts.

The manufacturer of the iPhone and the one that for years was its main supplier of chips did not offer specific details such as amounts or dates, but assured that the decision puts an end to “all litigation that is underway”, including those that Qualcomm maintains with suppliers from Apple.

As part of the agreement, Apple agreed to pay Qualcomm (which in most of these cases was the plaintiff) an unspecified amount of money, and Qualcomm granted Apple a six-year license that could be extended to two others to use its technology.

In addition, the San Diego (California) firm will provide new chips to the iPhone manufacturer for “several years.”

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