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Marc Anthony Latin first to be recognized by former Harvard club

 New York, .- The singer Marc Anthony became on Monday the first Latin to be recognized with the “Order of the Golden Sphinx”, the highest honor granted by the “Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770”, a society of the University Harvard also received him as an honorary member during his annual gala in New York.

The star of Latin music, which was received with great enthusiasm by an audience that stood up to applaud the singer and composer, to whom the former club paid tribute for “his extraordinary contributions to the performing arts.”

“I was born and grew up in the streets of the Latin Quarter of Harlem”, were the first words that the interpreter proudly said, that he was accompanied by his sister Yolanda and his children Ryan and Alex Muñiz.

Marc Anthony also stated in his message that art “is something we can hide in, interpret characters and we can always be someone else, you can sing a song and each song is a different character”.

“I am truly blessed to have music in my life” which he assured has been his comfort zone since he was a child and he also noted that with music “I learned to tell stories and fight for what I believe and have the courage to face the world” .

“My mom would have been proud to meet someone who went to Harvard,” said the actor and businessman.
Upon his arrival at the event he told Efe to be “honored” and “nervous” for the prize.

“I do not know what to expect but that it is Harvard and Hasty Pudding is an immense honor,” he said.

When talking about his career, he also assured Efe that he has taken “the precise decisions at the precise moments”.

“You can not make decisions for money or for fame, you have to fully understand what you represent, and this has worked very well up to now,” he said.

“When my music is no longer going to speak in the name of my family, my roots, my friends, everything,” he argued.
Prior to being recognized, a video about his successful career on stage, as a philanthropist and businessman, was presented at a gala in which club president Andrew L. Farkas praised him for the awards he has received. as for his humanitarian work together with the Colombian businessman Henry Cárdenas through the Fundación Maestro Cares.

The video also acknowledged the work he did for Puerto Rico after the scourge of Hurricane Maria that devastated the island in September 2017.
“He not only has a good voice, but he has a good heart,” said Farkas, who highlighted the great friendship that unites them.

The first message, in video, was from Governor Andrew Cuomo, who said with pride that Marc Anthony is a New Yorker and noted that after the scourge of Maria organized with “Cleopatra”, he joked when referring to Jennifer Lopez, a concert that raised about 30 million to help the victims.

Previous winners of the Order of the Golden Sphinx include Michael Lynton, chairman of the board of directors of Snap, Inc. and former CEO of Sony Entertainment; David Heyman, producer of Gravity and the saga of Harry Potter films; and Clive Davis, legendary music producer and creative director of Sony Music.

The institute is formed by the “Hasty Pudding Club”, the oldest social club in the United States, the “Hasty Pudding Theatricals”, the third oldest theatrical group in the world, and “Harvard Krokodiloes”, the main university a cappella group in the country.
The funds of the gala are to help various institutions in the field of arts, education and community services. (EFEUSA)

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