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Star Wars fans refuse to end their passion

Chicago (USA), – It began in 1977 with a movie that fascinated the world. Now, 40 years later, the legion of Star Wars fans refuses to put an end to a passion that promises to stay alive despite the closing of the series, thanks to the arsenal of novelties presented in the macro convention Star Wars Celebration.

A new movie, a complete series to premiere, two videogames … The galactic “frikismo” is in luck.
The thousands of fans of Star Wars, who have invaded this week Chicago (USA) to celebrate their devotion together, can not contain their joy at all the releases that Disney and the producer Lucasfilm have announced this week.

“This is a great year, I’m looking forward to the end of the saga and also for the new series,” tells Efe Rodrigo, a Star Wars fan who has come with his family to the convention from Chile.

Rodrigo is excited because a compatriot of his, the actor Pedro Pascal (famous thanks to “Narcos” and “Game of Thrones”), is going to star in the new Star Wars series, which makes the farewell the future and the last one delivery on the big screen, “Star Wars – Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker”.

Certainly, we must say goodbye to the saga of the Skywalker family … but also welcome “The Mandalorian”, the new series about the Star Wars universe with which this lucrative franchise hopes to keep alive the flame of love geek .
With his new bet, presented not by chance on the same day that started the end of “Game of Thrones”, Disney has secured the future of Star Wars for a good time and, incidentally, has climbed all the way to the car of the phenomenon of the series.

“It’s going to be very big, it’s a blockbuster that will attract millions of followers and create a new story,” the Spanish “influencers” Andrea Compton and Javier Ruescas commented in unison.
Both had just seen the trailer that Disney advanced exclusively for attendees to the biennial about Star Wars, organized in a huge convention center in Chicago.

But just in case the machinery stops some day, many are the fans who take advantage of this appointment to tattoo on their skin the Jedi, the Skywalkers, Darth Vader or any reference to the galactic world.
For a “small” price ranging from 150 to 700 dollars, anyone who wants can ink their eternal love for Star Wars. And at all times there is a line to do it.

The public is also willing to stand in line for hours to get one of the new posters, t-shirts or stickers that are distributed with droppers at the end of each presentation.
Only one is delivered per person and with the requirement to show a coupon for those who ask, or have lost it, or have not achieved it in the distribution.

“This poster is for me, I collect everything I can about Star Wars, but it’s going to be revalued a lot,” says Josh, who steps for the second time this convention from Los Angeles (USA) and holds the first promotional poster of “The Mandalorian”.
Books, comics, figures … collecting is the other side of the mass cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars.

From chromos for a couple of dollars to artisan figures of characters whose price exceeds $ 2,000, everything is bought and sold in this earthly industry that emulates the galaxy dreamed by millions of people.

“I have come from Sweden, since it is not celebrated there, my boyfriend and I have traveled to the USA, because it was a dream to be here,” explains Anna, dressed as Bazine Netal.

“This is not the only disguise I’ve brought,” he clarifies before showing his Instagram account (@artyannacosplay).

The week before the convention, Anna shared a photo there of the outfits that would take each day of the Star Wars Celebration: Thursday with laser sword, pilot Saturday, Friday and Sunday with Bazine costume and on Monday … a surprise premiere .

Every effort is worth celebrating a shared passion with people from all corners of the world.

In the mornings it is exciting to have a few meters away from the great protagonists of their devotion, in the afternoons to digest the wave of new releases and, at night, party in the hotels with the best “Galactic galas”.

This Monday the convention will come to an end, it will be time to start the countdown to enjoy (or criticize) all the news. But first they will have to say goodbye with a: “May the force be with you” (EFE).

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