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Trump confirms that he thought of his daughter Ivanka to preside over the World Bank

 Washington – President Donald Trump confirmed in an interview published today that he shuffled the name of his daughter Ivanka Trump as a possible candidate to preside over the World Bank after the departure of the then head of the institution, Jim Yong Kim, last month. from January.

“I even thought of her for the World Bank, she would have been great because she is very good with numbers,” President Trump said during an interview with The Atlantic, in which he did not spare praise for his eldest daughter.

The unexpected departure of Kim was an important challenge for Trump, very critical of multilateralism and forced to appoint a candidate who was backed by the rest of the international community.

Finally, the chosen one was David Malpass, confirmed by the World Bank on April 5 and who will lead the agency for a period of five years, counting from April 9.

However, when the government evaluated who should replace Kim, it came to light that the name of Ivanka Trump was among the candidates, a news that triggered all the alarms due to its poor preparation.

The White House denied then that the adviser and daughter of the president was among the considered candidates, although she informed that she would assist in the selection process, together with the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin.

During the interview, Trump also revealed that he had shuffled Ivanka’s name for another position of great importance, that of ambassador to the UN.

“She is a natural diplomat, she would have done great in the United Nations,” said the president.
In this case, the daughter would have replaced Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and one of the most respected voices of the president’s environment, who announced his resignation last October.

Asked why he gave up nominating his daughter for the job, Trump alleged image issues.
“If I had done it, they would say it was because of nepotism, when in fact it had not had anything to do with nepotism,” he argued. (EFEUSA)

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