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Cuban migrants organize viacrucis to the United States

Tapachula (Mexico), – Some 800 Cuban migrants who have been stationed since February in this city, bordering Guatemala, agreed on Wednesday to organize a sort of caravan viacrucis to cross Mexico and reach the border with the United States next week.

The migrants will leave in buses to Mexico City, next Wednesday, in a legal and orderly manner, they announced this day in an assembly held in the central park of Tapachula.

The Cubans intend to leave in groups of 45 people on each bus and walk before reaching the checkpoints located in the coastal zone of Chiapas and Veracruz to avoid being stopped by immigration agents who have been sent to that point on the border to prevent the irregular entry of migrants who are stranded in the cities of Tapachula and Mapastepec.

For this viacrucis, the migrants have summoned their peers from Honduras, Salvadorans and Guatemala who have their guarantee trial to join next Wednesday and travel by bus to the north of the country, but this trip is sponsored by each one.

Cubans in Chiapas hope that with the guarantee trials they can move smoothly through Mexican territory and move to the northern border and seek asylum from the US government that has put up resistance and has strengthened border crossings to prevent migrants from arriving in the US. .US.

“The National Institute of Migration (Inami) is the one that does not let us out, we have a shelter, it cost us $ 400 and it is not doing us a good, they are doing a lot of damage and provoking situations to justify their plans, because this is not a invention this is planned for some time, “said a Cuban at the meeting.

The activists Luis García Villagran, Ramón Verdugo Sánchez and a group of lawyers guide the islanders to embark on the trip to the United States.

“We do not want to return to Cuba, we are processing documents in a legal manner without affecting the laws of the Government of Mexico, we only want to leave in peace and reach the United States,” they assured.

According to the activists and lawyers gathered in Chiapas, this determination to go out on the viacrucis with buses, occurs after the Inami, closed, since March 15, the immigration regularization offices south of Tapachula for 60 days .

They also regretted that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, did not allow them free transit and they suspect that the president has an agreement with the Cuban government not to allow his passage.

“They want us to be held here so that many may despair and return to Cuba, so that the Cuban people are spoken ill and the Cuban people are educated, prepared and abusing us,” said another island migrant (EFE).

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