US and European countries call for the Security Council to meet on Sudan

United Nations, .- The United States and European countries on Thursday called for the Security Council of the UN to analyze the situation in Sudan tomorrow, after the overthrow of the president, Omar al Bashir.

The request proposes that the highest decision-making body of the United Nations discuss the crisis in the African country behind closed doors, including it under the heading of several points in its agenda for Friday.

Along with the United States, the petition has been made by the five members of the European Union (EU) who sit on the Security Council: the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland, according to diplomatic sources.

The movement comes after the Sudanese army toppled Al Bashir on Thursday, ending a 30-year-old government that had been facing heavy street protests for months.

The Sudanese Armed Forces decided at dawn on Sunday that the repression of the security forces had already gone too far and they sided with the demonstrators, who two days earlier had camped around the main military complex in Khartoum to ask your support.

Sudan’s Defense Minister, General Awad Ibn Auf, announced on Friday that Al Bashir is being held “in a safe place” and that the Armed Forces have decided to start a two-year transitional government.

Waiting to know the terms of that military junta, called the Transitional Military Council, the minister announced the suspension of the 2005 Constitution and the dissolution of the Presidency, the Parliament, the Council of Ministers and regional governments.

In those two years “the environment for the peaceful transition of authority will be prepared,” said Auf, who said that includes the establishment of political parties, the organization of “honest elections” and the drafting of a “permanent Constitution.”

Likewise, the “immediate” release of all political prisoners has been ordered, the state of emergency for three months and a curfew that will last one month and will be in force from late at night until dawn.

Al Bashir is accused by the International Criminal Court (ICC) of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in the conflict in Darfur, where more than 300,000 people died and since 2009 he has an arrest warrant against him. (EFEUSA)


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