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Tarre will work for reintegration of Venezuela in the inter-American convention

 Miami, .- Gustavo Tarre, appointed by opposition leader Juan Guaidó, announced today that, as Venezuela’s de facto ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), he will request the re-entry of his country to the Inter-American Human Rights System.

“A first task will be to request on behalf of Guaidó the entry of Venezuela into the Inter-American Human Rights System,” whose Commission has been defending democracy in the region for decades, Tarre said during a telephone interview offered to journalist Óscar Haza, from the local Mega channel TV.

Two years ago, the Maduro government initiated the process to remove Venezuela from the OAS, which will be consummated on April 27; and also, in 2013, then Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez (1954-2013) denounced the American Convention on Human Rights and removed Venezuela from the jurisdiction of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court), based in Costa Rica.

Tarre added that another focus of work will be to continue with the recovery of the “properties and assets stolen by the Government of Maduro” and during Chavismo, which he said is estimated to total about 300,000 million dollars.

The representative to the OAS of the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN, Parliament) added that a good part of that money has already been recovered, which “is in good security” and will not be used until there is a General Comptroller of the Republic .

He added that after his appointment the members of the Venezuelan mission in the OAS, related to Maduro, will no longer be accredited to that entity, and once they leave they will move to occupy the offices in Washington, where the Venezuelan embassy also operates.

“The first thing is to continue fighting for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela,” said Tarre, who for 25 years has been a university professor, and recalled that the mandate of Guaidó is to call elections.

Tarre assumed this Wednesday as de facto ambassador of Venezuela to the Organization of American States (OAS), a position that will allow him to participate actively in the organization through voting.

He gave the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, his credentials that certify him as representative of the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN, Parliament), which in practice will allow him to perform the functions of ambassador, although it is usually the governments that They appoint their diplomatic envoys.

The diplomats faithful to Maduro have defended that the seat of Venezuela in the OAS belongs to them until April 27, at which time the request made by his Government two years ago to leave the agency will be consummated. (EFEUSA)

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