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Trump will appeal to maintain policy of sending asylum seekers to Mexico

Washington, – The White House announced today that it plans to appeal a judicial decision that on Monday blocked its policy of sending Mexico to wait for undocumented immigrants seeking asylum, and warned that it will do what is “necessary” to defend the president’s measures. , Donald Trump.

“We intend to appeal (this decision), and we will take all necessary measures to defend the legal efforts of the executive branch to defend the crisis on our southern border,” the White House said in a statement.

Federal Judge Richard Seeborg, of the Northern District of California, based in San Francisco, issued a preliminary order on Monday that will go into effect next Friday, and that will prevent the Trump government from “implementing or expanding the program” to Mexico. of asylum seekers.

Under the law, undocumented immigrants who enter the country and claim asylum are entitled to a hearing in an immigration court, provided they pass a first interview in which an official evaluates whether they have a “credible fear” of persecution in their place of origin.

In response to Trump’s accusations that this legislation makes it difficult for deportation of undocumented immigrants, his government began applying in January a program entitled “Protocol for the Protection of Migrants,” which requires immigrants to wait in Mexico for processing. your asylum request.

Since that policy began to be implemented, some 400 people have been sent to Mexico pending the resolution of their cases, according to figures from the Department of National Security.
The White House will base its appeal on the San Francisco judge’s decision on the grounds that the order “seriously undermines the president’s ability to confront the crisis on the border with the tools that Congress has authorized, and affects the development of foreign relations “of the country, says the note.

Trump’s office harshly criticized California federal justice, more progressive than most courts in the rest of the country and has become a favorite for activists who file lawsuits against the Trump government, especially in immigration matters.

It was the Ninth Circuit, to which San Francisco belongs, the one that invalidated the controversial immigration veto imposed by Trump on the citizens of several countries, almost all of Muslim majority, although the Supreme Court finally gave the reason to the American president in that battle the year past.

The new battle for asylum policy could also end in the Supreme Court, composed of five judges of conservative tendencies – two of them nominated by Trump – and four progressives.

The White House denounced that “time and again, a single judicial district has rewritten, suspended or unilaterally canceled the migratory law for the entire country, creating an unprecedented crisis on the southern border.” (EFEUSA).

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