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Mexico City seeks to become the Latin American capital of culture

 Acapulco (Mexico), .- Mexico City has launched an ambitious plan to become the Latin American capital of culture with the international promotion of the Day of the Dead and thirteen cultural festivals.

The Director General of the Tourism Promotion Fund of Mexico City, Paola Félix Díaz, explained on Tuesday in Acapulco that the first task of the promotion plan is to reduce the perception of insecurity in the city.

“It is a perception not reality, the head of the city government has already created a tourist police and another body, the police charra, on horseback” to increase security levels, explained to Efe during the Tourism Fair of Acapulco .

“There have also been reassigned 8,000 grenadiers to monitor the tourist corridors and more than 1,500 escorts that attended other tasks have been assigned to the service of citizens and tourists,” he added.
The tourist promotion office of Mexico City has assumed new powers with the new government of the city and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“The budget has decreased due to the austerity policy and we have to be more creative,” said Paola Félix Díaz.
“We want to become the cultural capital of America,” he said, signing agreements with other Mexican states so that tourists stay in the capital before heading to the beach or other destinations.

Not in vain, Mexico City is the metropolis with more museums in the world.

Another initiative is the promotion of neighborhood tourism and art as the central axis of the campaign, as was done by supporting the production of the film “Rome” and the promotion of the city on the occasion of the presentation of the Oscars.

The Mexico City Week will arrive in Europe, starting in Madrid, from June 7 to 15 and will continue in Paris, among other European countries with the Day of the Dead as the leading festival of this global presentation.

“With passion, will, creativity and a different dynamic we continue forward,” added the General Director of the Tourism Promotion Fund of Mexico City.

Among the cultural festivals of the Mexican capital include “Mexico City that dances (April 29 to May 12),” Dialogues of summer “(June 9 to 21),” Fair of Indigenous Cultures, towns and original neighborhoods “(30 from August to September 8), “International Book Fair in the Zócalo” (October 11 to 20) and the ice rink in the Zócalo from December 6 to 13.

It will also promote events that promote tourism in the 16 city halls of the capital such as the Verbena de Azcapotzalco, the Festival of Flowers or the Trajineras contest of Xochimilco. (EFE)

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