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They disseminate letters of the confessed author of the Parkland massacre to a young woman

 Miami, – The Attorney General’s office in Broward County released Monday a series of letters written from the jail by Nikolas Cruz, author confessed to the Parkland killings, to a girl who contacted him, in which he talks about get married and have children and also what you think about its possible execution.

The letters never reached their addressee, who, according to sources quoted by the television channels, is called Miley and is based in England, because they were confiscated last year when Cruz had a fight with one of his jailers.

In the 40 pages of his correspondence truncated with Miley, Cruz talks about his adoptive mother, how bad he behaved in school when he was a kid, and fantasizes about getting married and having children.
His interest in weapons is evident even in the names chosen for the three children he hopes to have with Miley, who contacted him just after the killing to comfort him.

He says he would call them Kalashnikov, Remington and Makarov.
Cruz, 20, also exposes his thoughts about the possibility of being sentenced to death for the 17-person shooting killings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.

“I wish I could be together, but in these circumstances I do not think it will happen, but I have hope, I would have liked my life to be different, but it is not and part of me since it ends, that ACABE (in capital letters) with the pain of death, letting someone inject me with a long last sleep, it’s something I’d like. “

Cruz, who was a student at the school where he perpetrated the killing but was expelled for disciplinary reasons, tells Miley to look him in the eye but warns her to “scare”.

The writings are accompanied by drawings made in a childlike style.

Cruz’s lawyers have said he will plead guilty in the trial for which there is still no date, in exchange for reaching an agreement with the prosecution to avoid the death penalty. (EFEUSA).

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